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All conservatives look with found affection upon that great constitutional conservative and member of the Senates Conservative Great Triumvirate Mike Lee of Utah. 


What some forget is that Mike Lee wouldn't be anywhere near the Senate if it were not for the fact that Utah is a caucus/convention state.


In Utah, the party state convention picks two candidates who then go to a primary. Lee made it out of the convention along with a conservative businessman. Incumbent Senator Bob Bennett (the Johnny Isakson of Utah) finished third at the convention and was eliminated from the primary.


Without this excellent system, by which the 5% of the electorate (activists) help filter the 1% (politicians, lobbyists, big donors, etc.) before presenting the best candidates to the 10% (primary voters), Mike Lee would not be in the Senate and Bob Bennett would.


Mike Lee was not a professional politician or a millionaire, and as such would be at a terrible disadvantage in a primary system like Georgia, that limits the number of viable candidates for office and does a terrible disservice to voters and conservatives everywhere.


May Georgias conservatives learn from Utahs soon.

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